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World Weightlifting Championship | 1987 | +110KG

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Will you follow me, one last time? ... A little more than 30 years before... World Weightlifting Championship in Ostrava (ČSSR) in 1987.09.13. sunday (the last day of Championship); 10th - the last session: +110KG (super heavyweight) category.
Full length footage of +110kg's session, hungarian dub. Includes such as things, like Krastev's 216kg snatch WORLD RECORD, Taranenko's 265,5kg clean and jerk WORLD RECORD, Kurlovich's 472,5kg total WORLD RECORD and his attepmt for 266kg c&j WR and 475kg total WR. It's really worth to watch it, probably it's the greatest battle of superheavy weightlifters ever. For eg. c&j's each after: 255; 257,5; 260; 265,5; 266.

István Kovács (HUN - 134KG) - 0:04; 0:58; 3:23; 17:04; 18:09; 19:19
Jiří Zubrický (ČSSR - 158,4KG) - 2:04
Manfred Nerlinger (FRG - 146,4KG) - 4:12; 20:16
Leonid Taranenko | Леонид Тараненко (URS - 140,8KG) - 5:12; 6:10; 11:27; 21:06; 24:22 (265,5kg WR)
Antonio Krastev | Антонио Кръстев (BUL - 164,2KG) - 6:57; 9:35; 15:26 (WR); 21:55
Aleksandr Kurlovich | Александр Курлович (URS - 130,2KG) - 8:28; 12:57; 14:22; 22:53 (472,5kg total WR); 25:27 (266kg)

Check out the channel for more weightlifting videos and subscribe if you like it! Stay tuned and see you at next WNA's video! Greetings from Hungary!

Next videos: will be some training compilations.

Helps for the channel to grow! Send me donation if you like what I'm doing to support me to make more, better quality videos. I would like to buy a computer to cut and RENDER videos (my current computer is an old one and not suitable for this "work" - eg. time of cutting a video is around 2 hour and to render one session is around 11-12(!) hour). I'm also run out of storage, so an external hdd is needed. I'm a student without any income, so any donation will be big support for these! Thanks in advance!

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